London Escorts Agencies

It’s been a week since we showcased the top 3 london escorts agencies in our readers opinion, if you missed the article this is actually the top 3 that we published:


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Let us talk a bit about London escorts. We see them everywhere these days. Young, beautiful women dressed in designer clothes, brand handbags, extensions, perfect nails, and hair, always ready for a glass of champagne. Usually surrounded by powerful and rich men, with a tiny dog in their designer bags, and the phone glued to their hands. Their Instagram accounts show the exotic vacations they have been taken to, the five-star restaurants they dine to, the expensive champagne they are accustomed to.
A life that looks like a celebrity’s page.
I can spot them so fast now… I usually like to think about how did they get into this business. Is it the glamour, the money? Was it the poverty that pushes them to take this path? Maybe abusive parents? Husband? Did someone pushed them to do it, or it was a very thoughtful and assumed choice?
Maybe the girlfriend who started to show off her designer bags, the vacations, maybe she wanted that too. Maybe because life is short and that is the shortest way to an amazing life. To always be desired by rich and influential men, to be treated with nice gifts, and never think about cooking, cleaning, bills, or waking up to a normal job every morning.
Who can blame them? I say, thank you for the escorts! Thank you for these women, who are willing to do in bed what our wives and girlfriends will never do. Thank you for the escort that is always ready for sex when she is next to you, thank you for listening, thank you for always looking the best, smiling, no drama, bo tantrums.
We have all that back home, that’s why we need you. This is not odd to escorts, it’s just a realistic and pragmatic way of acknowledging escorts are a blessing after a long and stressful day at work, or around the house with the wife and kids.
Escorts are like a race car. They gave you that edge, that excitement, the feeling of a real man that can have it all, the adrenaline, the satisfaction, and overall testosterone boost.
A good escort will make you feel like you are the best lover, the most handsome man, the smartest, the best they ever had. She will make you feel like you can have any woman on this planet.
It’s true some of them can’t really speak proper English, not being native English speakers, but when you take her put for dinner, in that bandage dress, stiletto shoes, all men around will envy you. That feeling is so important, that the conversation, is not so important. After all, you don’t book an escort to talk politics with her. You book her for her looks and services. You book her because you need attention, you need great sex and a gorgeous woman next to you.
The one that talks a lot is the wife anyway, so being with someone that smiles more than they talk, is a breath of fresh air.
The other week I have booked this tall, blue-eyed, blonde, Russian girl and we went to a private party. I have felt the envy of every man in there and the jealousy of every woman in the room. She was radiant, smiling all the time, talking to everyone, so polite and well behaved. She never asked me when are we leaving, did not have to hear about her bitching about that woman’s dress, the other woman’s shoes, how Martha is always looking for attention, how Mark always gets drunk…
She was happy, relaxed, we left in the morning, makeup in the backseat of the car that drove us home, we made love till noon, sleep until the evening, order food, and had sex again. No rush, no stress. Just laughter and good times.