Elite London Escorts or Cheating Girlfriends?

As our content is becoming more and more popular lately throughout the media we wanted to make sure that it is made clear we will not be making public names or direct real profiles through the exposed content on our website and media channels.

Why do you have a list of escort sites in your porn directory ?

The Porn Guy is really only passionate about 2 things in life, Porn and Escorts, When I first discovered Backpage  I felt a sense of freedom and opportunity. Everybody deserves that feeling of finding a chick with a banging body, bust a nut, and go on with their day with no BS attached.

Let me teach yeah a thing or 2!, I usually put the sites with the most popularity at the top. However, I mixed up this list to give you’ll site for rub & tugs, TS trannies, crack whores, high-end prostitutes, and heck even virgins. I even went out of my way to throw in super popular escort sites from all over the world.  The Porn Guy has your back.

Unlike other dudes on the web, I only find the best and list the best escort sites. Escorts are one thing that I am really passionate about. I put in the work to study and find all the top escort sites in the world. I only listed the ones with the highest traffic from the most credible sources. At the same time, I threw in a few specialty niche escort sites. Like for specific regions, shemales, virgins and even just strictly rub and tugs.

What about risks?

Yeah, there is obviously a risk but hey the world is ending so who gives a fuck right? On the other hand, if you kind of gives a shit then maybe check out some of my no-strings-attached Sex Dating Sites. In my opinion, it’s a pretty sweet way to go. You pay like 30-50 euros for the month and you can find a side chick or two to smash for free with no rubber. (And trust me those girls are down!)

As you can imagine I’ve been with tons of local escorts and escorts all over the world. I’ve hired these calls, girls, from various agencies, right out of strip clubs, rub and tugs, bathhouses, massage parlors. You name it. Getting an escort is really a beautiful experience. Imagine a nice new beautiful moist flower in front of your face just ready to get pounded until you blow a load in it. One commonality is when you arrive to see an escort they will do whatever it takes to make you feel comfortable and like a king, Sure different escorts have different personalities, but their aim goal is always to please you.

Firstly to have a better understanding of how we gather our proof of content please check below London’s TOP 10 Escorts Agencies as per google’s results:


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